Intelligence Agencies Monitoring Mobile Apps: A look at more than 100 suspicious mobile apps in the country leader

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New Delhi; News Agency: The central government is preparing to take a big decision to prevent crime through mobile apps. Intelligence agencies have started monitoring more than 100 mobile apps across the country as suspicious. (Intelligence Agencies Monitoring Mobile Apps)

The mobile crime network in the country is more than Rs 5 thousand crores. Gun Simulator, Team Fight, Riot and Discord are several apps that are suspected of being used for conversion. Questions are asked about the Quran to advance in the game. In the process of getting answers to questions, videos of Muslim clerics like Zakir Naik are shared. (Intelligence Agencies Monitoring Mobile Apps)

After watching this video, the question will be answered immediately. Finally, to brainwash a person, another person is constantly in contact with him. Now the names of these apps are coming out. Many of these apps are used for human trafficking. Especially girls are lured into the net on the pretext of giving jobs abroad. After recovering the money, many are released abroad, said an intelligence officer. (Intelligence Agencies Monitoring Mobile Apps)

A sophisticated network of terrorists

Apps like Crypvisor are used by terrorists. The network of terrorists and gangsters has become sophisticated. Central investigative agencies have banned such apps after they were found; But the next day these apps were activated with new names. The names of the apps are Crypvisor, Enigma, SafeSwiss, Vikrami, Conion, Element, Jungi, MediaFire, Briar, BiChat, Nand Box.

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