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Dipesh Surana:

Pimpri: Due to increasing stress in today’s hectic lifestyle, the trend of young people towards practicing yoga for physical health as well as mental health is increasing. Yoga teachers have observed that among the students who come to study yoga, the proportion of young people in the age group of 30 is more than 60 percent compared to the students of other age groups. From this, the picture is starting to emerge that job and business opportunities are getting abroad as well.

Yoga Sadhana is of great importance
Yoga, Yogasana, Yogasadhana have a unique importance in Indian ancient culture and traditions. Since ancient times, Rishis, Sadhusant have been convincing the importance of yoga, its benefits and its necessity. In today’s hectic life, we can keep our body healthy through yoga; Apart from that, it can also cultivate the mind.

Yoga is useful in lifestyle changes
Nowadays, the lifestyle has changed drastically. Physical and mental health is being neglected in the combined lifestyle of sedentary work, increasing stress, lack of physical exercise, increasing amount of eating fast food. In such a situation, we can maintain our health by taking systematic education of yoga.

Yoga is also popular in foreign countries
It can be said that yoga is the combined exercise of body and mind. This yoga culture of the country has been accepted by most of the countries globally. He has also experienced the benefits of yoga to a large extent. 8 to 10 people have got job and business opportunities abroad after taking yoga lessons in the training class conducted by the organization Yoga Vidyadham at Pimpri-Chinchwad. The students here are earning a good income by taking Yoga Sadhana training classes in countries like Hungary, Japan, China, Singapore etc. Babita Wagh, a 30-year-old married woman who graduated from Yoga Vidyadham, is earning a monthly salary of 1.25 lakh rupees in Hungary, Pramod Niphadkar, center head of Yoga Vidyadham, told daily ‘Pudhari’.

If there are 15 students studying at a time in a Yoga Vidyadham training class, at least 10 of them are in the 20s to 30s age group. Similarly, 150 students are trained to become yoga teachers in a year. About 100 students are in the age group of 20 to 30. This means that there is an increasing trend towards yoga education among the youth.
– Pramod Niphadkar, Center Head, Yoga Vidyadham, Pimpri-Chinchwad

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