Jiocinema: 3.2 crore people watched the final on Jio Cinema leader

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Mumbai; News Agency: The final match of the Indian Premier League was played on Monday night. In this, Chennai carved their name on the IPL trophy for the fifth time by defeating Gujarat. Due to the interruption of rain, the match was delayed till two o’clock in the night. However, still as many as 3.2 crore people streamed this match. Due to this, the Jio Cinema app has set a new record. (Jiocinema)

Earlier on May 24 Gujarat Vs. As many as 2.5 crore people streamed the Chennai match on the Jio Cinema app. No streaming platform has ever had so many people stream at the same time. Jio recorded this feat. Then Jio broke his own record in yesterday’s final. The total number of video views on this online streaming platform has crossed 1,300 crores. Jio has acquired the digital rights of IPL from this year till 2027. After getting the rights, Jio gave a big gift to its users. Jio had announced that IPL will be streamed for free this year. (Jiocinema)

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