Kolhapur: 135 mm rain in Kadvi dam area leader

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Vishalgarh; Leading News Service: In the last 24 hours, 135 mm of rain has been recorded in the catchment area of ​​Kadavi dam in Shahuwadi taluk. The water storage in the dam is 36.63 percent. Whereas, last year till date, 789 mm rainfall was recorded in the catchment area. The dam was 100 percent full on August 10 last year. Uttam Mohite of the Irrigation Department informed that this year there is 5 percent less water in the dam than last year. Tehsildar Ramling Chavan, Head of Disaster Prevention Unit, informed that on average 38 mm of rain was recorded in 24 hours and 293 mm by the end of today.

Due to continuous rain in Kadvi dam area, the water storage has started to increase. The water storage of the dam is increasing by an average of two percent every day. 648 mm of rain has been recorded in the dam area since June 1 till today. The water storage capacity of Kadvi Dam is 71.240 Dalghmi (2.51 TMC) and fills the dam 100 percent every year. The dam overflowed three times last year. At present, the water level of the dam was 589.70 meters at 7 am on Saturday. Water storage is 26.10 Dalghmi (0.92 TMC) i.e. 36.63 percent. On the same date last year, the dam was 42 percent full. The release of water from the dam has been completely stopped. Due to heavy rains in the dam area, Baliraja has been busy for plantation work.

Considering the six mandal centers in the taluka, Amba mandal center has recorded the highest rainfall of 717 mm till today. Sarood Mandal has received the least amount of rain. According to the information provided by the Disaster Management Office, 229 mm of rain has been received in the taluk till 8 am on Saturday and an average of 38 mm of rain has been recorded. Division wise records in mm of rainfall in 24 hours and by end of today in parentheses are: Bhedsgaon : 26.5 (171), Bambavade : 12.5 (130), Karanjaphen : 387.5 (444), Sarud : 17 (127), Malkapur : 28 (169) ), Mango 88 (717) has received a total of 229 (1758) millimeters of rain. Since June 1, the total rainfall has been recorded as 1758 mm and the average rainfall has been 293 mm.

Rainfall in Kolhapur Dam area in last 24 hours

Radhanagari dam area- 88 mm
Dudhganga dam area- 67 mm
Kumbi Dam Area – 103 mm
Patgaon Dam Area- 151 mm
Kadvi Dam Area- 135 mm
Tulsi Dam Area- 51 mm
Kasari Dam Area- 88 mm

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