Kolhapur: Death of a woman found under the debris in Khasbagh leader

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Kolhapur : Leader News Service : A woman was killed after the protective wall of the historic Khasbag Maidan in the city collapsed today (25th) evening and she was found under the rubble. It is reported that another woman found under the debris is seriously injured. The dead woman has been identified as Ashwini Ananda Yadav (age 59, resident of Sai Park, Bhosalewadi) and the injured woman as Sandhya Prashant Teli (age 30, resident of Vadanage, district Karveer). Firefighters tried hard for an hour and a half to pull out both the women from the pile. But the death of one of these women has created excitement in the city. After the collapse of this wall, a crowd of spectators gathered in Keshavrao Bhosle theater area.

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