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Speed ​​up Lok Sabha connections
  • Chandrasekhar Matade, Kolhapur News Paper

Connections of political parties and leaders of two Lok Sabha constituencies Kolhapur and Hatkanangle have started. The overall political atmosphere has started to heat up, and the leaders are trying to figure out how to get the unwanted money of the Lok Sabha from their necks, especially the opponent’s neck; Some aspirants have started marching.

Congress and NCP parties in Mahavikas Aghadi have staked their claim on Kolhapur Lok Sabha constituency. Sadashivarao Mandalik, who was elected as an independent in 2009, supported the Congress. Therefore, Congress is claiming this constituency. The NCP is claiming that Dhananjay Mahadik was elected on the NCP ticket in the 2014 elections, while Sanjay Mandlik was elected on the Shiv Sena ticket in 2019. Later he joined Shiv Sena Shinde faction. So Shiv Sena is also saying that this is our constituency. But the real difference is between the Congress and the Nationalists.

Shiv Sena’s Shinde group’s Sanjay Mandalik is sure to get the nomination. All the MPs of the Shinde group say that they have solved the candidacy problem when they entered the Shinde group. So Mandalik announced a different role, but he is expected to get the nomination. Even though BJP wants this constituency, they have no other strong candidate except Chandrakant Patil. No one is talking about whether Chandrakant Patil will contest Lok Sabha or not. Therefore, even now, Mandalik is seen as the candidate of the Shiv Sena-BJP alliance.

Congress has three constituencies in Kolhapur Lok Sabha Constituency North, South and Karveer. Kagal and Chandgarh are with NCP, while Radhanagari-Bhudargarh is the only constituency with Shinde group. There is a chance for candidacy in NCP. So there is a competition to avoid candidacy in Congress. Election campaigning has started at the organizational level.

Raju Shetty of Swabhimani Shetkar Sangathan, who previously represented Hatkanangle constituency twice in a row, was defeated. Shetty traveled from Shivar to Parliament, once as an independent and once with the BJP. However, Shetty said that he will remove the weed of BJP before the 2019 elections and contested the 2019 elections with the Congress and NCP, against whom he fought on the sugarcane price. In this he was defeated and Shiv Sena’s courageous man was elected. Even now there will be a clash between these two rivals. However, there is a discussion about who supports Shetty.

MLAs from Shahuwadi and Ichalkaranji in Kolhapur district in Hatkanangle constituency are BJP supporters. Apart from Hatkanangle Congress, Shirol Shiv Sena Shinde group, NCP has two constituencies namely Walwa and Shirala in Sangli district. So who is the candidate on the strength of this party? This is discussed. Because, Shetty decided to keep BJP, Congress, NCP at an equal distance. Therefore, NCP can bring forward a new face in this constituency.

The strength of two MPs and 5 MLAs has now reduced to two MLAs. Congress has become strong from zero MLAs to six MLAs. NCP leader Hasan Mushrif has introduced the language of electing five MLAs at the party’s anniversary event after the leaders publicly stated at the recent NCP meeting that they can claim ministerial posts only if they have four MLAs. This will be the first attempt of the leaders to avoid Lok Sabha candidature. At the same time, the leaders’ priority will be how to get the Lok Sabha nomination for the opposition within their party.

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