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New Delhi, News Agency: A detailed document on the Uniform Civil Code has been prepared after consecutive meetings of the Law Commission over the last eight months. It will be given final touches in the upcoming meeting and will be handed over to the Law Ministry before the monsoon session.

The Twenty-second Law Commission has successively acted as a campaign on the subject of Uniform Civil Law. The Commission has held more than 24 meetings for this purpose. This document has been prepared after detailed deliberations on various aspects of the proposed legislation.

Sources said that while preparing this document to be submitted to the Ministry of Common Civil Law, internal laws of all religions and customs, customs, traditions etc. of all religions have been thoroughly considered.

It is on the basis of this report that the central government will prepare a bill to implement the Uniform Civil Code across the country. However, it is not yet clear when this bill will be introduced in the parliament.

On the other hand, ministers in the government have made it clear time and again that the government does not want to do anything in a hurry on sensitive issues like the Uniform Civil Code, the Anti-Conversion Act or the Population Control Act.

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