Milk powder worth six thousand crores has fallen in the country leader

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Pune; Leading News Service: China has started buying milk powder in the global market, and the demand for Indian powder has decreased. As a result, the prices of milk powder and butter in the domestic market have come down by Rs 50 to Rs 60 per kg in the last month. At present, it was said that the stock of milk powder and butter in the country is around Rs. 6000 crores. The cumulative effect of this was said to be a reduction in milk prices.

The prices of milk powder and butter depend on the world market price. China has stopped buying. Demand for Indian powder from other countries has also decreased. Due to the decrease in the price in the world market, the price of milk powder per kg has settled at Rs 220 per kg and the price of butter has settled at Rs 340 to 350 per kg. The direct impact of the global market has also been seen on the domestic market. At present, the co-operative and private milk dairies in the country have a stock of about one lakh tonnes of milk powder and 35,000 to 40,000 tonnes of butter.

The powder manufacturers informed that there are 35 thousand tons and 18 to 20 thousand tons of stock left in Maharashtra respectively. At present, there is a stock of powder and butter worth about six thousand crores in the country, and the demand is relatively low. Due to this, the price of milk powder has decreased from Rs 310 to Rs 320 to Rs 250 to Rs 270 per kg and the price of butter has decreased from Rs 410 to Rs 430 to Rs 350 to Rs 375 per kg.

The challenge of paying the milk rate announced by the government

Milk rates are entirely dependent on milk powder and butter rates. Therefore, according to the supply and demand formula, the global market price is directly affecting the purchase price of milk. Private dairies have a large share in the milk industry and are leading in the production of powder and butter. The difficulties faced by marketers in milk pouch packing are different. Therefore, the purchase price of milk will be decided soon by the committee announced by the government. Accordingly, the industry is faced with the challenge of paying the milk price. What role will the government take if it is not given? This has attracted the attention of milk producing farmers.

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