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Cagle; Leading News Service: It has come to light that the five-year election of Loknete Sadashiv Mandalik Kagal Taluka Cooperative Sugar Factory Board of Directors was uncontested. It is clear that the election was uncontested as most of the candidates withdrew during the withdrawal period. (Mandalik Sugar Factory)

9 directors have been re-elected in this election while eight existing directors have withdrawn from this election 9 new faces have been given a chance while two from women’s group and one from other backward classes are waiting to be unopposed. A total of 47 people had filed their nomination papers for various groups for this election, out of which 19 candidates withdrew by the end of Monday, so the picture of the election is clear.

Group-wise withdrawn candidates and unopposed candidates are as follows: In the productive Murgud group, two out of five candidates withdrew, the current chairman MP Sanjay Mandalik Sambhaji Narayan More Tukaram Ganpati Dhole has been elected unopposed.In the productive group Borwade, four out of seven candidates withdrew. Farakte Krishna Dattatray Shinde Satyajit Balasaheb Patil was elected unopposed.

Productive Group Fun in the group Three of the six candidates withdrew Kailas Madhavrao Jadhav Prakash Bahgonda Patil Mangal Ramgonda Tukan was elected.

Producers in Cotton Senapati group As four of the seven candidates withdrew, Pundalik Dattatraya Patil Vishwas Tukaram Kurade Pradeep Krishnarao Chavan was elected.

In the non-manufacturing organization group As one of the two candidates withdrew, Virendra Sanjay Mandalik was elected unopposed

Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes As one of the two candidates withdrew, Chitragupta Dinkar Prabhakar was elected

Among nomadic castes and tribes Vishnu Ganapati Buwa emerged victorious as one of the two candidates withdrew

Women and other backward class groups Although the candidates have not withdrawn yet, it is certain that the two groups will be unopposed tomorrow, Tuesday, June 6.

In this election, nine previous directors got a chance again while eight existing directors and withdrew from this election and 9 new faces got a chance while two from the women group and one from other backward classes are waiting to be unopposed.

Loyalty has such a reputation

Krishna Dattatray Shinde Guruji aged 91 had filed his candidature in the factory’s quinquennial elections Mr. Shinde has been a loyalist of late MP Sadashiv Mandalik since the beginning of his political career. MP Sanjay Mandlik and the steering committee put forward that Gara should give it. MP Sanjay Mandlik gave honor to Shri Guruji by electing him unopposed in the sugar factory election.

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