Nagar: When will the bushes on the highway be removed? increase in the number of accidents; Three-thirteen of road safety | leader

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trees on karjat baramati state highway becomes obstacle Ahmednagar

Khed (Nagar), Leader News Service: Thorn bushes have now raised their faces on the damaged Karjat-Baramati state highway. The roadsides of the state highway have been covered by trees and shrubs growing awkwardly at many places. Due to this, the number of accidents is increasing day by day. The road contractor needs to look into this matter seriously. Currently, there have been numerous accidents on this national highway in three months. Many have died in these accidents and many have been permanently disabled.

While two vehicles are passing on the national highway at the same time, the two-wheelers passing on the side lane are facing difficulty due to thorny bushes. Who cares if the contractor neglects these matters even though the contractor concerned is not paid the full bill for carrying out the responsibility of road safety? Everyone has this question.

The state highway has sharp bends at some places. In such a case, the oncoming vehicle cannot be seen due to the acacia and the drivers are hit by the acacia branches. To avoid injury, many drivers suddenly drive their vehicles across the middle of the road and crash into the vehicles coming from behind. As the rainy season approaches, these bushes will grow. Due to this, drivers and passengers are demanding that the administration take notice of this at the earliest and remove the thorny acacias peeping on the road immediately and clear the road.

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