Nagpur: Bodies of three missing children found in Farukhnagar leader

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Nagpur; Leading News Service: There was a stir since Saturday night (17th) when two six-year-old girls along with a four-year-old boy went missing from Farrukhnagar in the limits of Pachpawali Paleis Thane. As nothing was revealed from the CCTV footage, the police finally searched the railway station, the bus station area and the hospital and other crowded places. But there was no clue. Finally, on Sunday (18th) evening, the bodies of these three children were found in a car near the house, causing a stir. According to preliminary information, these children sat in the car while playing and suffocated to death as the doors of the car were not opened again, said Mukamma Sudarshan, Head of Crime Branch. After this incident, an atmosphere of tension has arisen in the area.

The area has a car garage, a scrap factory as well as some derelict houses. Due to this, police teams along with Zone 3 Deputy Commissioner Gorakh Bhamre were searching for the missing children at all suspicious places. The police decided to conduct a house search in the area on Sunday (18th) evening. Meanwhile, the bodies of all the three missing children were found in a wrecked car in Farooq Nagar itself. Firoz Khan Bhugga Khan (age 28) lives on rent at Sakir Ansari’s house in Farooq Nagar. His two three children Aaliya Feroz Khan (age 6) and Taufiq Feroz Khan (age 4), Afrin Irshad Khan (age 6) went missing. The children had gone to play on the yellow school ground in Khante Nagar, which is adjacent to Farooq Nagar. But as he did not return home even after evening, after searching the surrounding area and acquaintances, a complaint was lodged in the police station at night. Today, the death of these children shook the family and the area.

There is talk of a gang active in abducting missing children

The girl who was abducted from the Itwari railway station recently was rescued by the railway police in three and a half hours with the help of CCTV and an auto driver. A gentleman from West Bengal was standing at the ticket counter with his three-year-old daughter. The daughter was playing on the sidelines while the father was engaged in collecting tickets. Seeing that the father was not paying attention, the accused lured the girl with chocolate and ran away from the Itwari railway station. The name of the accused is Shamkumar Dhruv Punitram (age 30, Chhattisgarh). The name of the girl’s father is Raju Dilip Chhatrapal. Due to this incident, it was suspected that a racket that kidnaps missing children is not active. Now with this incident, the issue of children’s safety has once again come to the fore.

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