Nirnayake in BJP in Karnataka state! Criticism of Congress that the leader is not determined even after the session has started leader

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Bangalore; Leading News Service: A month has passed since the formation of the new government in the state, but the opposition party has not yet been formed. There is confusion in the BJP over the leader of the opposition and the first day of the budget session was passed without the leader of the opposition. On this, the ruling Congress lashed out at the BJP leaders and raised the question that none of the 66 MLAs in the House is fit for the opposition party leaders.

Law and Affairs Minister H. K. Patil teased BJP. For the first time in the history of the state, the governor has addressed without the opposition leaders. The BJP may have a different plan for the election of the Leader of the Opposition; But to observe the limits of the House, the session requires the Leader of the Opposition.

Even when BJP is in power, they do not follow the values ​​of democracy. Now even being in the opposition party, they are unable to fulfill their responsibilities. It has also been criticized that the BJP does not have faith in the opposition leader.

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