Maharashtra Political Crisis | If I meet Ajitdada, I will fall on my feet: Rohit Pawar leader

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Satara; Leading News Service: Whatever happened yesterday in the politics of the state, Sharad Pawar has not stopped. Sharad Pawar is not a stop leader. A large crowd erupted everywhere, this is the true love of the people. No matter how great the power of money is, no power is greater than the power of people. In the coming time, it will be seen how great is the strength of Saheb and the strength of the people. If I meet Ajitdada, I will hold his feet. Rohit Pawar commented on the rebellion in the party. Meanwhile, he also expressed regret that he feels very bad because of the decision taken by him as an uncle. (Maharashtra Political Crisis)

Talking to journalists at Ryat Shikshan Sanstha in Satara. Rohit Pawar said, the strength that comes together as a family is the real strength. BJP broke Uddhav Thackeray’s party. BJP has tried to break NCP within one year. We cannot say that this effort will not be about Congress in the coming time. People have lost faith in BJP. Sharad Pawar did not stay at home because of what happened yesterday. They have gone directly to the general public and mixed. On hearing that they were coming to Karad, people gathered in large numbers on their own. This is true people’s love. Today everyone saw at Karad that however great the power of money is, no power is greater than the power of people.

come Rohit Pawar said, I can request Ajit Pawar because he is a great leader. They have more experience. In such a situation I can do nothing but request. Sharad Pawar and Maharashtra are sticking to one idea. Even though the BJP and its allies have insulted many dignitaries for the past few months, their senior leaders have remained silent. We raised our voice, protested. I have spoken against them, but common people have wondered how appropriate it is to go with such people.
What MLAs were seen in Mumbai yesterday. Explain that they were told something different. Rohit Pawar said, the discussion to change the state president of the party was held a few days ago. Sharad Pawar does not take any decision without trusting the people’s representatives and officials. Accordingly five dates were fixed.

All the MLAs were called to Mumbai saying that they want to discuss about the meeting on the 6th date and the election of the state president. What happened next was different and new for many MLAs. We cannot say that MLAs left their thoughts because they were there in the meeting. No one had been tricked into calling. They were called for the reason of the meeting. But after taking the signatures during the meeting, all the MLAs had to see the Raj Bhavan. The MLAs who were on Devagiri did not even go to the Raj Bhavan. Many MLAs already left the place. Today we cannot tell what is in the mind of MLAs. If anyone has two thoughts in their mind, they will also come with Sharad Pawar on the 5th after thinking correctly. Rohit Pawar expressed. (Maharashtra Political Crisis)

Calling Dada to come back again…

Leaders whom Sharad Pawar gave strength, gave various posts. People and we are of the opinion that if they are going to power today after taking positions and suffering everything, they are going for themselves. We do not think of those who think of themselves. We are calling Ajitdad to come again through the media. They are great leaders after all. The decision taken by them must have been thought through. However, it is the responsibility of small workers like us to request them. Rohit Pawar said.

Will be with Sharad Pawar

A large number of people have come to meet and cheer Sharad Pawar. People will go where Sharad Pawar goes. Where there are people, Sharad Pawar will be there. Rohit Pawar said.

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