Paddy planting will now be done by machine in Maval leader

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Vadgaon Maval: In Maval taluka, farmers have now emphasized on mechanized paddy cultivation with the modern method of Charsutri and Saguna Rice Tantra. The agriculture department has planned to plant rice using mechanization in Pawan Maval area. The amount of traditional farming has decreased In the past few years, it has been seen that rice cultivation and production have started to be adversely affected due to various reasons such as irregularity of rains, changing period of cultivation, shortage of labor, discouragement of young people from farmers’ families to do rice farming and increasing amount of agricultural land sales.

Therefore, instead of the traditional method of rice cultivation, the farmers preferred to use the modern method of Charsutri and Saguna Rice technique. But now the farmers in Maval have gone ahead and started cultivating rice by developing modern technology. The best example of this is that the Pawan Maval Agriculture Department has planned large-scale planting this year in the villages of Kothurne, Yelse, B-Ahmanoli, Waru, Kale in the Pawan Maval area.

Saving time, money
At Kothurne, paddy cultivation was done through mechanization under the guidance of Assistant Agriculture Officer Sunil Gaikwad Vikas Gosavi in ​​the field of progressive farmer Dattu Nadhe. Progressive farmer Dattu Nadhe and Agriculture Officer Sunil Gaikwad said that this year rice planting will be done by machines under the guidance of the Agriculture Department, saving time, energy and money and increasing production.

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