Akole Police Station Thirteenth Month in Drought; Transfer of 23 persons leader

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Akole : Rajendra Jadhav : Considering the police boundary in Akole taluka, while the existing police in this area is basically there, in the recent transfers of police personnel, as many as 23 police personnel have been administratively transferred in Akola. Instead only 5 employees were appointed when the same number of employees were expected here. Meanwhile, with the transfer of Police Inspector Subhash Bhoye to Nashik, the condition of Akole Police Station, which is waiting for a new police officer, has become like the thirteenth month of drought. Akole Taluka located on the Kolhar Ghoti State Highway is a growing expansion and day by day urbanization along with tourist spots, peaks, factories. According to the 2011 census, the responsibility of protecting two lakh people has fallen on only 44 police officers.

Considering the large expansion of Akole area, more police force is needed in Akole. However, due to the sudden decrease in the number of policemen who protect law and order, the citizens are wondering how they will maintain law and order in Akole, Kotul and Samsherpur areas in the coming days.

Though government court transfer is a normal process for any employee, the transfer is done according to the ‘take two and give two’ formula. But in Akole’s case, 23 people were transferred at the same time. In view of the transfer, only five employees have been given in that change. Due to this, if we consider Samsherpur and Kotul remote areas connected to Akolya with a population of one and a half lakh houses, only 43 employees and one police inspector have got all the burden. Due to this, the main question is how one employee will keep a watch for 13 to 15 thousand people in view of daily check charts, weekly leave and attendance book.

Proposal in the dust…….
The proposal of two new police stations, Kotul and Samsherpur, has been in the dust of the government for the last three years. Every year Ahmednagar District Superintendent of Police office is doing the work of seeking information about new police station only. It is coming out that the government is only making paper horses dance.

Need another vehicle
The area of ​​Akole Police Station is around 50 km and the area of ​​Pune is Bhojdari Phata is 55 km. There are around 125 villages, castles, settlements around Akole. Khirvire, Bramhanwada, Bandgibelapur, Kotul, Devthan villages also come. Considering Akole police area, there is only one police vehicle at this place. It is also sometimes at the behest of leaders, leaders, officials and VIPs. Hence the need for another vehicle.

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