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Leader Online Desk : Personal Data Protection Bill 2023 : The draft Personal Data Protection Bill 2023 was approved in the Union Cabinet meeting on Wednesday. The bill will be introduced in the monsoon session of Parliament. The session will start from July 20.

Personal Data Protection Bill 2023 : Need for Personal Data Protection Act

No such law existed in India; But with the increasing use of mobile phones and internet, it has become necessary to protect privacy. Many countries have strict data protection laws in place. Relating to banks, credit cards and insurance A type of massive data leakage are happening now. The Supreme Court had expressed concern about the privacy of social media users.

The court ruled that ‘right to privacy’ is a fundamental right. Since there are no strict laws at present, companies that collect data often take advantage of this. Bank, credit card and insurance related information is being leaked every day. In such a situation, people are worried about the privacy of their data.

Personal Data Protection Bill 2023: After the judgment of the Supreme Court, the work on the bill started

The central government started working on the draft of the bill after the Supreme Court expressed concern and gave its verdict. In December last year, Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnav had said that the central government may pass the Data Protection and Telecom Bill in Parliament during the monsoon session. Also, the central government had said that a new data protection bill is ready in the Supreme Court and will introduce it in the monsoon session of the parliament.

Personal Data Protection Bill 2023 : Important provisions of the Bill

After this law comes into force in India, personal data cannot be provided to companies without permission. The bill provides for penal action up to Rs 250 crore against the concerned company in case of violation of the rules.

After the Bill becomes law, people will have the right to ask for full details on their data collection, storage and processing.

The bill contains almost all the provisions of the previous draft released for notifications by the Ministry of Electronics and IT in November 2022.

If a dispute arises, the Data Protection Board will rule on it. You will also have the right to file a claim for compensation in a civil court.
The project includes data in both online and offline (which has been digitized) formats.

This will also apply if Indians are being profiled or provided goods and services from abroad. Personal data can only be processed under this Bill if consent has been given.

The draft also states that users’ data should not be retained unless necessary for legal or commercial reasons. The Company may not use the data for its own commercial purposes.

The new Personal Data Protection Bill gives full rights to the owner of biometric data. Even if an employer requires an employee’s biometric data for attendance, it will require the express consent of the employee concerned.

After deleting account on social media The company is required to delete the data will remain

It would be illegal to collect data to harm children or to target advertising.
Under the new law, parental consent will be mandatory to access children’s data.

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