Velhe: As many as 18 animals were killed by leopards in the night; Forest department surprised leader

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Velhe (Pune); Leading News Service: A leopard killed 18 animals including 10 goats, 6 goats and 2 calves belonging to Dattatraya Niwangune in remote Ambi (now Haveli) near Panshet Dam in a single night. Not a single animal in the cowshed was spared. The forest department has been surprised by the death of a large number of animals in the attack of wild animals at the same time. A team of Sinhagad (Khanapur) Forest Department rushed to the spot along with a veterinary team and conducted autopsy of the dead animals. This incident came to light on Thursday (6th) morning at 7:30 am. Two days ago on Tuesday (4th), the two goats of village farmer Dattatraya Niwangune were killed by a ferocious wild animal in the forest. However, they did not inform the forest department about it.

Dattatray Nivangune has a goat shed in the farm shed of Lahuanna Nivangune, district president of the Congress Cooperative Aghadi in Ambi. On Wednesday (5th) evening, as usual, the goats, goats and cow calves were tied in the manger and came to Ambi’s house in the village. In the morning, when he went to the cowshed, he saw that all the goats and animals in the cowshed had been killed by a ferocious animal.

Farmer Dattatray Niwangune and his wife and children raised a loud alarm after seeing the dead animals lying scattered in the cowshed. On getting information about the incident, local activists Raju Pasalkar, Sanjay Nivangune and others rushed to the cowshed. Forest guards Balasaheb Jivde, Rishikesh Lad, Ramesh Khamkar and a veterinary team also rushed to the spot.

The worst loss incident in the history of forest department

A ferocious wild animal like a leopard has entered the cowshed and killed the animals one after the other. Bitten the neck and fleshy part of goats, goats and calves. Forest guard Balasaheb Jivde said that this incident happened between midnight and early morning today. Footprints of wild animals are being taken. This is the first time in the history of forest department that so many animals of a single farmer have been killed by a predatory animal. In this regard, a thorough investigation is going on with seniors.

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