Pune: Increase in dengue patients in Kadoos leader

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Kadus: Leading News Service: Day by day dengue patients are increasing in Kadus (T. Khed) and suspected dengue patients are increasing. Many people are suffering from fever and have been admitted to private hospitals in the area including Kadus, Rajgurunagar, Chakan. This has created an atmosphere of fear among the villagers of Kadus.

While dengue patients are being found in Kadus village, village panchayat administration, primary health department is sitting idle. On the one hand, dengue patients are admitted in large numbers in private hospitals, but there are no dengue patients in government hospitals. While Kadus Primary Health Center is understaffed, some staff are currently working at Chandoli Health Centre. There is a government hospital in the village and citizens have alleged that they are not getting treatment on time. Due to this, citizens are not going to government hospitals but are entering private hospitals. It is seen that the number of patients is more in Kadus village. Symptoms of dengue are also observed in children and young children. Fever, body aches, fatigue, lethargy and vomiting, diarrhea are being experienced.

The village will be sprayed with smoke and medicine, and all measures will be implemented at the Gram Panchayat level. Dengue mosquitoes breed in long standing water and small puddles. These mosquitoes bite. If we want to protect ourselves from these mosquitoes, it is necessary for the citizens to take the initiative instead of depending on the administration. For that, it is necessary to cut the grass near the house, maintain cleanliness, and take care that water does not accumulate in the pot inside or outside the house.
– Shahnaz Turuk, Sarpanch, Kadus.

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