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Chennai; News Agency: In the WTC final against Australia, the Indian team lost by 209 runs. After this defeat, questions were raised on many decisions of Team India captain Rohit Sharma. The most discussed topic was R. A top Test bowler like Ashwin not getting a place in the playing eleven. Ashwin’s benching drew criticism from many veterans, but now Ashwin himself has broken his silence on the matter and expressed his disappointment, saying he feels he has been bowled over. (R Ashwin)

R. In an interview given to an English daily, Ashwin said, ‘I wanted to play the WTC final. Because, I also contributed in bringing the team to this point. I had taken four wickets in the last final as well. Since 2018-19, my performance abroad has also been good. I couldn’t play and we couldn’t win the title. In fact, I knew 48 hours ago that I would not be in the playing XI, but my aim was to contribute as much as possible to the team’s victory.’ (R. Ashwin)

Ashwin was ruled out of the WT final citing the pitch, but no major decisions were made in India’s batting order. Against this backdrop, Ashwin expressed his displeasure. Ashwin was a batsman at the beginning of his career, but realizing the need for the future, he decided to become a bowler. Ashwin’s decision is wrong now. Expressing his regret, he said, ‘When I retire tomorrow, I will regret that despite being a good batsman, I should not have become a bowler. I have always struggled with this, batsmen and bowlers are treated differently. The scale for both has always been completely different.’ (R Ashwin)

“I’m at a stage in my career now where I don’t feel bad about certain things. I don’t think anymore whether what happened to you is right or wrong. After having so much experience in international cricket, certain things are different in you. Those things have come into me now. So some things don’t feel bad and they don’t affect me.’

– R. Ashwin

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