Ratnagiri: Car accident of former vice president of Satara in Kumbharli ghat leader

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Chiplun; Leading News Service: The former Sub-Chairman of Satara along with his wife and son was going from Satara to his village Vehele (now Chiplun) when the car overturned due to a burst wheel at Kumbharli Ghat. At this time, some villagers and passengers pulled out the three people from the car safely. This time, the former sub-president of Satara Suhas Rajeshirke and his family were saved.

In this accident, the car has lost three and a half to four lakh rupees. This accident happened on Monday (22nd) around 12 noon. Chiplun’s Shiv Sena Thackeray group taluka chief Vinod Zagde rushed to the spot and offered help. So come on. Shekhar Nikam, NCP leader Shaukat Mukadam and Satish Rajeshirke (Vehele) questioned.

At 9 am on Monday, former sub-president of Satara Suhas Rajeshirke, his wife and former chairman of Satara Municipal Corporation Snehal Rajeshirke and his son were traveling in a passenger vehicle (MH11 CC 711) to their native village Vehel. When approaching the Sonpatra temple, the car hit a stone on the road at high speed.

Due to which the wheel of the vehicle broke, the vehicle overturned on the road and got stuck in the middle. This brought traffic to a standstill. Other passengers pulled all the three people out of the car safely. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for them. After this the car was pulled aside and the traffic was restored. In this accident, the car has lost three and a half to four lakhs. As soon as the news of the accident came to light, many friends and relatives of Rajeshirke inquired about him.

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