Relief for students! Pending certificates from Karveer Tehsil Office will be received tomorrow leader

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Kasba Bawda: Leading News Service: Various types of certificates are issued from Karveer Tehsil Office in Kolhapur District. Due to the delay in getting certificates from Karveer Tehsil office, the students are very upset. Twelve hundred cases are pending from Karveer taluka. It has been clarified from the Karveer office that since the FIFO option has been removed, it will be convenient to issue the certificates, all the students who have applied will get the certificates by tomorrow (Monday) morning.

Currently students are in a hurry to get admission. For admission in various branches including 11th, students need various proofs like residence, income, cast, non-crimelayer, SEC certificate. In the first week of the month of June, the ‘FIFO’ mode of issuing the certificate came. If a certificate remains pending for some reason, there is a delay in issuing all subsequent certificates. Even documents with simple procedures are taking more time. There is a high possibility of academic loss of students due to delay in receipt of certificates.

All the documents process has been computerized. After filing the application for admission in the Maha-e-Seva Kendra, he goes around some of the desks in the Tehsildar’s office and goes to the Naib Tehsildars for approval. Sometimes there was no power supply, sometimes the server was down and sometimes there was a delay in getting the certificates. Monday to Wednesday is the deadline for filing applications for admission to many classes. Due to this, the crowd of people is increasing at the Tehsil office for enquiry. The Tehsildar has clarified that the delay is not being done deliberately but due to technical difficulties.

Many cases in Karveer taluk were pending due to implementation of FIFO system. At times server down was resulting in pending documents. FIFO system has been stopped on Saturday. Therefore, more than 700 cases have been completed. All the students who applied on Monday after completing the other pending certificates in the taluka will get the certificates.
– Swapnil Rawde (Tehsildar, Karveer)

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