Sangli: MLA Sumantai warns of hunger strike due to water issue leader

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Tasgaon; Leading News Service: MLA Sumantai Patil has now become aggressive to solve the growing problem of agricultural water in drought-prone Tasgaon and Kavthe Mahankal talukas. He has warned that the ponds in Tasgaon and Kavthemahankal talukas should be filled in the next five days through the Tembhu and Mhaisal Upsa Irrigation Scheme, otherwise they will sit on hunger strike with the farmers in front of the Collectorate.

In the statement given to the district collector, it is said that this year the summer is more than every year. Crops are failing in many areas. Orchards also have to bear the brunt. Many areas in the constituency have received water from the Tembhu and Mhaisal Upsa Irrigation Scheme. But the water does not seem to be enough. Farmers are demanding water by filling the water table, but they still have to wait for water.

Farmers are constantly demanding to fill all the ponds. I myself have requested the Irrigation Department from time to time regarding release of water. Arrangements should be made to release water immediately in the next four to five days. If the said demand is not accepted, I have no option but to fast in front of my office along with the farmers of the constituency. However, it is requested that immediate action be taken in this regard.

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