Thackeray group aggressive against BJP in Nagpur leader

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Nagpur, Leader News Service : The Thackeray group staged an aggressive protest against the BJP in Nagpur on Wednesday (12th) at Variety Chowk. Amid tight security as a possible precaution, Shiv Sainiks of the Thackeray group expressed their anger by burning the symbolic effigy of Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, beating the police. Uddhav Thackeray’s poster was torn down, effigy burnt, Thackeray group became aggressive in Nagpur. Former MP Prakash Jadhav had warned in a press conference yesterday that the BJP will be given an appropriate reply.

Activists of Thackeray group had gathered in large numbers. As Uddhav Thackeray’s effigy was burnt against some of his statements, the activists of the Thackeray group are now protesting across the state. Activists were enraged by burning Thackeray’s effigy in the presence of the police and tearing down hoardings. Complained to the police and demanded action against the culprits. Speaking to the media, Prakash Jadhav said Bawankule should not tell us about corruption, he insulted the Marathi language by using strange words. It should be clear whether it is the state of BJP or the police, we are also ready to fight and the first corruption will be removed by Bawankule. District Chief Kishore Kumeria, Raju Harane, Devendra Godbole, City Chief Nitin Tiwari, East Vidarbha Association Chief Satish Harde, Harshal Kakade, Madhuri Paliwal and other officials and activists were present on this occasion.

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