Wardha: If you sell cotton seeds before June 1, the seed license will be cancelled! | leader

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Wardha, Leader News Service : To prevent the outbreak of pink bollworm, the Input and Quality Control Department of the Agriculture Department has issued instructions to sell cotton seeds only after June 1. The agriculture department has instructed that if cotton seeds are found to be sold before June 1, action will be taken to suspend the license.

Many people cultivate pre-monsoon cotton. Many farmers say that pre-monsoon cultivation of cotton increases production. This has increased pre-monsoon planting in the cotton producing belt. As a side effect of this, the outbreak of pink bollworm has increased. To stop the cycle, instructions have been given by the Agriculture Department to stop pre-monsoon cotton cultivation.

These are the sales instructions

The cotton seeds produced by the company will be delivered to the distributors from May 10, the distributors will sell the seeds to the retailers after May 15. Retailers will sell seeds to farmers only after June 1.

An appeal has been made through the Agriculture Department that cotton seeds should not be sold to farmers before June 1 and farmers should also not plant pre-monsoon cotton crops.

Cotton seeds should not be sold before June 1. If this is found, the license of the concerned person will be cancelled, said Quality Controller Parameshwar Ghaytidak.

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