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Ratnagiri, Deepak Kuvlekar It is true that the government implemented its Dari scheme with great fanfare, but in Ratnagiri district there is currently a discussion going on about this scheme. Even though the government is involved in this scheme, the common people are being invited to Ratnagiri from Mandangad to Rajapur. Crores of rupees are being spent on this. Why does the government want Ratnagiri Wari? This question is being raised by the citizens.

When the Shinde-Fadnavis government has intended that the common citizens should benefit immediately from its Dari scheme, what is the reason for making a big fuss and squandering crores of rupees? Such a question has arisen for common citizens. It is now being discussed in the rural areas that this is a way of harassing the people by asking ‘Sasan apaa dari then why does Ratnagiri’s turn for an hour long program’?

There is a common saying that ‘Government work means waiting for four months’. It has become a common opinion that the benefits of government schemes are often not received on time, for which one has to beat the wheels of the office till the shoes are worn out. But Eknath Shinde, who became the Chief Minister from the common people, announced a new scheme ‘Shasan Apya Dari’ to ensure that citizens get the benefits of government schemes immediately. It is intended that the beneficiaries should not have to roam around in government offices. Common citizens will get the benefit of more than 75 schemes of the government. Right from certificates to agriculture, health, labor welfare, works will be done through this. Self-help groups will get strength.

Although the plan is good, since the government is going to inaugurate its Dari scheme in Ratnagiri district for the past few days, preparations are being made for it. Already the temperature in Ratnagiri has reached 38 to 39 and the citizens are shocked by the scorching heat. Therefore, after seeing the trouble faced by members in the Maharashtra Bhushan program, a grand mandap has been erected in Ratnagiri. The district administration has spent crores of rupees for this. Fan, cooler and food and drink facilities have been provided for those coming to the event.

Women and other beneficiaries of self-help groups benefiting from government schemes have been made ‘compulsory’ to attend this event. A list of the names of the beneficiaries has been prepared and sent to the administration. Talathi, village sevaks have also been put to ‘work’ so that the beneficiaries must come under any circumstances. Citizens are raising the question that why spend an entire day for free. There are also reactions that if the certificates had been distributed in the Gram Panchayat, they would have felt satisfied that this scheme had really reached the ‘doorstep’. In order to promote this scheme, raising the question why the government spends crores of rupees on it, why does the government need the chief minister and deputy chief minister to go to Ratnagiri for an hour-long program?

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