Ahmednagar: My intrusion in NCP started! Ghanshyam Shelar | leader

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Ahmednagar; Leading News Service: The votes I got in the Srigonda assembly elections were from the general public; But those who were with me, reported what they did to the seniors. Everyone has seen what happened in the election of the chairman of the district bank. But the party does not value honest workers and dishonest workers are not punished, so workers like me were infiltrating the NCP. Senior leader Ghanshyam Shelar said in a press conference on Friday that a new ray of farmers’ interest has appeared through the Bharat Rashtra Samiti.

Ghanshyam Shelar, a senior leader of NCP in Nagar district and believed to be a confidant of Sharad Pawar, has joined BRS party in Telangana. Shelar has resigned as District President of NCP. Moreover, he was the NCP candidate from Srigonda constituency in the last election. Two days ago, after giving leave to NCP, he presented his position in a press conference at the government rest house.
Shelar said, I worked in NCP for 23 years. Therefore, there is no complaint against party leader Sharad Pawar.

But the people working below did not follow the ideology of the party. By staying in this party, they keep in touch with the leadership of another party. They come and sit in the first row of the party without paying the sugarcane dues of the farmers. I cannot sit on their lap. I have fought for the interests of farmers from the very beginning. I have seen the Bharat Rashtra Samiti’s work for the welfare of farmers in Telangana.

Chief Minister K. C. Rao has taken major decisions like 24 hours free electricity to farmers, subsidy for sowing, guaranteed purchase, sale of seeds, fertilizers at low rates etc. Therefore, if the same Telangana pattern is implemented in Maharashtra, the farmers here will be happy, prosperous and happy. So we have decided to stay with this party and work for the welfare of farmers. Shelar also said that we will accept the responsibility given by the party in the coming period. Shelar, however, remained silent on the question whether he will contest from Ahmednagar Lok Sabha constituency or Srigonda assembly constituency.

Telangana will buy city onion

K. C. Telangana state under the leadership of Rao will buy onions not only from Nagar but also from Maharashtra. Shelar expressed his belief that this will surely bring relief to the farmers.

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