Water from Dudhganga released in Karnataka in the name of leakage: MLA Hasan Mushrif leader

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Kolhapur, Leader News Service : Accused of releasing seven TMC of water from Dudhganga (Kalammawadi) dam to Karnataka in the name of leakage. Hasan Mushrif while talking to reporters on Friday. Had this water remained, Kolhapur would not have faced shortages. He said that the water resources department was waiting for Kolhapur saying that the state government is responsible for the current water shortage.

There is no plan to remove the leakage of Kalammawadi. He also said why there is a rush to release water when there is discussion that there is no fund and the rains are going to be delayed this year.

Mushrif mocked that the state of the district has become like “governance is at our door and there is no drinking water here” by bringing people full of ST buses and carrying out the program ‘Sasan Apya Dari’.

Mango water in Karnataka

Mushrif also alleged that the water stored in the Ambeohal project was released and given to Karnataka due to less water in the Chitri Dam.

Demand for inquiry into ‘those’ officials

Water resources department is responsible for this situation in Kolhapur. River Dudhganga and Vedganga, both its canals, Gaibi Bogda are drying up. The dam holds only one to one and a half TMC of water. He warned that the situation will become serious if the rains continue for another eight-ten days, and accused the Guardian Minister of ignoring it completely. Abundant upsa is going on in Karnataka while we are getting crops due to upsabandi. He also demanded to investigate the officials responsible for this.

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