V.N.V Sachhidanand
V.N.V Sachhidanand

V.N.V Sachhidanand is also a social worker of Bahujan natives along with Homeo pharmacy doctor.

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V. N. V Homeo Pharmacy, along with successful treatment of chronic and complicated diseases, also works for social service and raises the voice of native Bahujan Samaj.
doctor. sachhidanand

Sachhidanand is a resident of Abhaypur Gram Sabha, Uttar Pradesh, Azamgarh. He is a doctor by profession and runs a homeopathic clinic and successfully treats chronic and complicated diseases, which The clinic is located at Budhanpur Road, Kotwalipur, Redha, Alampur Mod, Azamgarh, on whose clinic people from far and wide come with their disease problems and get diagnosed with severe to severe diseases.
sachhidanand is an experienced doctor as well as the dreams of Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar and also raises the voice of Bahujan natives and works to wake up the society. Education is very important and they are associated with BAMCEF organization. is….. and says

“Baba Saheb had said”
Man lives, earns money, eats food and finally dies
Lives so that we can earn, earns so that we can eat
And eats to live but still dies
if you eat only for fear of dying
Die now, the matter is over, the hard work will be saved. Everyone has to die one day…
why not live for the society, make a purpose of life
free the society from the chains of slavery
Even an animal takes care of itself and its children, in my view a human being is the one who cares for the society and also works for the society.
Otherwise you will drown of course, if you are living life only for yourself. ,
My Real Hero Baba Saheb Dr. B. R Ambedkar Ji
And sachhidanand remains active on social media..

Instagram: https://instagram.com/vishwakarma.sachidanand?igshid=NGExMmI2YTkyZg==

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