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What am I saying dude, don’t these scientists have any jobs? I mean, look, they are searching for the existence of life elsewhere than the earth. A special mission has been planned by the US, specifically to find out if there is life on the moon. What I mean is, provide good facilities to those people. Isn’t it the intention of the scientists to call the people there again, send the people there and destroy both planets?

Don’t know what; But is there life on Mars? Is there life on any other planet? However, the search is ongoing. Not only this, flying saucers are also often seen on Earth. This means that there is a life form somewhere on other planets, there is a scientific doubt that humans are more advanced than us and they are searching for us.

Ours is India’s but Chandrayaan will soon go to the moon. I say, why should India fall into this predicament? Suppose there is a human-like life on the moon, what should we do? Instead of falling into this predicament, we should think about how we can raise the standard of living of our people. Well, let’s say that if a human being from another planet were to see photos of our country through those flying saucers, it would definitely cancel contact with us. I mean, if he saw the pictures of the traffic here, I think he would freak out and cancel his plans to contact Earth if he saw the broken down vehicles, the accidents on the roads, the motorcyclists speeding through the crowd.

But why are you thinking so negatively? If people from other planets saw videos of our traffic, what thoughts would they have? Suppose he were to see a black and yellow jeep, known in some parts of Maharashtra as a Vadap, and he would conclude that this black-and-yellow vehicle is the fastest vehicle on earth, the only one that can maintain its speed despite the crowds and reach its destination quickly. is a vehicle. It is impossible for people on our planet to invent such vehicles.

I sometimes think that through this flying saucer, there is a possibility that small and big ones may have traveled around cities like Mumbai, Pune, but due to lack of parking space, they may have gone back to their respective planets.
That is, if they look from the sky, they will realize that the human on earth is the most advanced human, and the human in this country, India, is the most advanced and is at the forefront in the research of vehicles. Whether the vehicle is a two-wheeler, a four-wheeler or a rocket launched by an organization like ‘ISRO’, only Indian research has the capacity to carry more people or satellites.
Oh what, how come we haven’t found a country so advanced that even aliens would be licked?
But if we understand that there is a human settlement on another planet or satellite, it will be very beneficial. We are currently the most populous country in the world. Congestion can be reduced by sending some of the population, at least some people there.

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