Nagpur: ‘Ashadhi Wari’ toll collection not! Bawankule’s demand to Gadkari leader

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Nagpur, Leader News Service : BJP State President Chandrashekhar Bawankule has demanded to Union Minister Nitin Gadkari that the proposed toll collection process of Penur Toll Plaza on Wari Marg should be postponed for the Varkaras who are going to see Shri Vitthal Rukhmai of Pandharpur, the adorable deity of Maharashtra. This year Ashadhi Yatra will be held on June 29. Gadkari’s attention has been drawn to this request as lakhs of devotees, warkaris and their vehicles will pass through this route.

A toll plaza has been set up at Penur (T. Mohol, Dist. Solapur) on National Highway 965 near Pandharpur and toll collection is proposed from the month of June. Bawankule has written a letter to Gadkari regarding the postponement of this toll collection process itself. Ashad Wari, Ashadhi Yatra is a tradition of Maharashtra and National Highway 965 is on the way of Wari. Lakhs of Varkari devotees travel through this route for the darshan of Shri Vitthal Rukhmai through Wari Yatra. About seven lakh devotees and their vehicles will pass from here. Behind this is the insistence that all of them should get relief.

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