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Pune; Leading News Service: The Divisional Commissionerate Office has sent a suspension proposal to the state government after the CBI demanded the suspension of bribe-taking IAS officer and Additional Commissioner in the Divisional Commissionerate Anil Ramod.

Ramod can make some changes in the documents in the Divisional Commissionerate. Evidence may vary. Also witnesses can break. The Divisional Commissionerate said that the letter mentioned that he should be suspended for these reasons. Sources said that the process on the suspension proposal has been started by the office of the secretary, and after getting the approval of the Chief Minister in this regard, the suspension will be done.

The charge of Ramod has been handed over to Deputy Commissioner Rajendra Muthe of the Divisional Commissionerate. It has been said from the commissionerate that the work of making the list of pending cases of Ramod is currently underway. Ramod has heard around 370 cases related to revenue claims, land acquisition awards, arbitral awards. Their results are still pending.

Pending revenue related cases from Pune, Satara, Sangli, Kolhapur, Solapur districts are included. Ramod was caught red-handed by the CBI while accepting a bribe of eight lakhs to pay extra in a land acquisition case. After that CBI made this demand.

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