Shiv Chhatrapati Award to both from Satara District; Honoring Pratiksha More, Snehal Mandhare | leader

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Satara; Leading News Service: The Shiv Chhatrapati Award is given to athletes, sports guides, organizers who have done remarkable work in the field of sports on behalf of the state government. Shiv Chhatrapati Award has been announced for archery to Pratiksha More from Kari (Satara) in the district and Snehal Mandhare from Pachwad (Y) to Mallakhamba.

Kari Ta, who performed extremely well in Mallakhamb. Pratiksha Laxman More from Satara has received the Shiv Chhatrapati Award for the year 2019-20 Mallakhamba. Her education is BA Economics and her parents are farmers. She is a player of Samarth Mallakhamba team, Kari. She was mentored by Shiv Chhatrapati Award winner Maya Mohite, Vishwatej Mohite. She has played her first World All-around Championship event in the year 2018-19. Till date she has won 3 individual silver medals and 1 team gold medal. Also participated in 6 national competitions and won 7 gold medals and 4 silver medals.

Shiv Chhatrapati Award for 2019-20 has also been announced for Snehal Vishnu Mandre, who excelled in archery. Snehal trained in archery under the guidance of Chandrakant Bhise at Y. She was sidelined from the game for some time due to illness. However, she stubbornly overcame the disease and proved her prowess in the sport. Snehal Mandre has performed for the compound’s senior team in the World Cup archery tournament. Both these Shiv Chhatrapati Award winners are being congratulated by the sports field of Satara district.

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