Sindhudurg: House burglar jailed in three states; 30 lakh worth of goods seized leader

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Sindhudurgnagari; Leading News Service: The Sindhudurg Local Crime Branch has arrested a criminal who committed 45 house burglaries in the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa from Kankavali. Prakash Vinayak Patil (age 38) Res. The thief’s name is Ghatwada, Padose, Goa. Superintendent of Police Saurabh Agarwal said that the police have seized Rs. 30 lakh worth of valuables from him.

On Wednesday (D.12), police sub-inspector Shelke of the local crime investigation branch, six. The team of police sub-inspector Koinde was patrolling in Kankavali police station limits. In the meantime, they noticed that Prakash Patil, the innkeeper who burglarized the house, was traveling in a car. The police took him into custody and interrogated him thoroughly. From him 1 Gavathi Katta, 27 live cartridges, 5 swords, 4 lakh 69 thousand 950 rupees in cash, materials used for theft, 11 mobile phones of different companies, gold ornaments worth about 9 lakh 68 thousand 490 rupees, 5 rupees worth 3 lakh 35 thousand 844 rupees. A total of 30 lakh 48 thousand 784 rupees such as silver bricks and ornaments weighing 300 grams, electric machine for melting gold and silver, one two-wheeler and one four-wheeler have been seized. A case has been registered against him in Kankavali police station. Kankavli police are conducting further investigation.

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