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Mumbai; Vijay Lad: Cycling is not only good for health but also saves money. If you ride for an hour every day, the whole day will be spent in excitement. The mind remains happy. Doctors say that cycling is a panacea for infectious diseases, age-related diseases, respiratory diseases, heart diseases, etc. A bicycle is considered a symbol of double saving and good health. The number of bicycle lovers in Mumbai is increasing rapidly. A network of cycling enthusiasts has been formed through various cycling groups. It also works on personality development along with organizing different events. (World Bicycle Day)

A non-profit organization in Amsterdam works continuously to bring positive change in people’s lives through cycling. This organization has introduced the concept of Bicycle Mayor to promote cycling in every city. Feroja Suresh is the first bicycle mayor of Mumbai. He is also known as Mulund Ki Cyclewali. Feroja has been riding since the age of seven. Not a single day goes by without him cycling. (World Bicycle Day)

On how to increase the taste of cycling, Firoja Suresh says that cycling should be started from a short distance. Do not use the car if you want to bring milk in the morning, small groceries. Use a bicycle instead. Once you start, if you want to get out of the house, you will definitely take a bicycle with you. Your interest in cycling will increase. You will enjoy cycling. After that you will want to participate in other cycling events. You will also use the bicycle to go to the office. (World Bicycle Day)

On cycling in Mumbai, Firoja said, be it dabwalas or other cyclists in Mumbai, they never complain that there is no cycling track, pollution is high. So people should also consider the benefits of cycling and stop making loopholes. We have decided to distribute 1200 bicycles free of charge through our initiative “Cycle Chala City Bacha”. In this way we are going to gift 50 bicycles to each ward in Mumbai. For that we are emphasizing on slums. We are starting from teaching the girls here to ride a bicycle. We are trying to raise their standard of living through bicycle. (World Bicycle Day)

Firoja says that during the Corona period, people had an increased tendency to cycle, run and exercise. But now the laziness has increased. So again health related problems have started to be faced.

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Ishwar Gilada says that SSC is the key to good health. Swimming, sex and cycling can improve your health. Cycling exercises the arms, legs, stomach and optionally the entire body. Improves blood flow in the body. By improving respiratory function, the amount of getting pure oxygen increases. From infectious diseases to heart disease, feet prevent many diseases.

Dr. Gilada said that some people say they don’t have time. But cycling can be done at home now. While riding a spin bike, we can do other things along with it. So there is no need to make separate time for exercise. Earlier, a country with cars and bikes was considered a developed country. But now the dimensions have changed. The Netherlands has the highest number of bicycles in the country. People of this country have achieved better health through cycling.

Bicycle wheel

There are many groups like Cycle Katta in Mumbai city to promote cycling. Regular meetings of Cycle Katta are held. It discusses topics such as health, nutrition, technical aspects of cycling, along with sharing cycling experiences. A network of people who love cycling is created. It tries towards personality development by organizing many events. Along with this there are many groups of bicycle lovers like Mumbai Ciders, Pedal Bunnies, The Happy Cycle Shop, Bike Shark, Cycling for Foodie, Buddy Riders, 365 Hopes.

Night cycling

In a crowded city like Mumbai, cycling during the day is a bit difficult. Therefore, the idea of ​​night cycling is now taking root among the youth. There is relatively less traffic on the roads at night. Cycling becomes easier at such times.

Heritage or Food Cycling

There are many historical places in Mumbai. There is an increasing tendency of bicycle lovers to visit these places through cycling. Similarly, cycling is also used to visit the city’s famous eateries on weekends.

Dabwale in Mumbai

Dubewalas in Mumbai are known for their white clothes, Gandhi hats and bicycles. A bicycle makes it easy to get a box to any narrow street in the city. Also there is no travel cost.

Cycle in the metro too

There is a special space for storing bicycles in Mumbai Metro. So a passenger can travel by metro with a bicycle. This decision has been taken to promote cycling. Many photos of children traveling with bicycles in the metro have gone viral on social media.

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