Zakir Naik donates, ‘that’ investigation finds nothing; Vikhe Patal’s explanation on Sanjay Raut’s allegations leader

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Pune, Paddari Online: MP Sanjay Raut alleged that Zakir Naik, a controversial religious leader in India and accused of sedition, had donated 4.5 crores to Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil’s organization in Prawara. On top of that, this donation is legally regular and the ED had already conducted a thorough investigation in this regard. Revenue Minister Vikhe Patil disclosed that no facts were found in it. He was talking to reporters in Pune. Vikhe Patil disclosed this today that after Raut made a serious allegation that Zakir Naik had donated four and a half crores to Vikhe Patil’s organization, there was a sensation in the political circle.

Vikhe admitted that Zakir Naik had donated four and a half crores to Pravara Sanstha. I will not shirk that responsibility as I am the responsible part of that organization. However, central agencies had made an inquiry in this regard. They found no irregularities in it. So this topic ends there. If anyone still has any doubts in this regard, I will send a letter to the ED and demand an inquiry, he said at this time. There were no charges of treason against Naik at the time of the donation. However, these allegations were made on the basis of subsequent investigation. He also denied the allegation of taking donation from a traitor.

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