Hurricane Arabian Sea: Formation of a hurricane in the Arabian Sea leader

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Pune, Leader News Service : Over the Arabian Sea (Hurricane Arabian Sea) at 11.30 am on Tuesday, the low pressure area turned into an intense low pressure area and turned into a cyclone by late night. Due to this, there is a possibility of increased rainfall in Konkan and Madhya Maharashtra. This storm is likely to hit Maharashtra, Goa, Kerala and Karnataka.

A low pressure area has been forming in the Arabian Sea for the past three days. It transformed into an intense low pressure area on Tuesday. It was 930 km from Maharashtra and Goa coasts, 1150 km from Mumbai and 1450 km from Karnataka on Tuesday morning. was at a distance. Its speed was 50 to 60 kmph on Tuesday morning, 70 to 80 kmph on the 7th, 80 to 90 kmph on the 8th, 90 to 100 kmph on the 9th, it became a mega cyclone at night on the same day and its speed was 125 to 135 kmph, on the 10th The weather department has predicted that it will go up to 145 to 155 km per hour.

Monsoon early in Mumbai

Due to this cyclone, there is a possibility of early arrival of monsoon in Mumbai, which is delayed by four days. This cyclone will affect the states of Maharashtra, Goa, Kerala, Karnataka. Rain will increase in Konkan, Madhya Maharashtra along with Mumbai. However, it is preliminary forecast that there will be less rainfall in Wadarbha Marathwada compared to that.

Differences among experts (Hurricane Arabian Sea)

Experts are divided whether monsoon will arrive early in the state or not due to this cyclone. Some experts say that pre-monsoon rains will be high in Mumbai, Konkan and Madhya Maharashtra due to the storm. However, after that it will decrease and the monsoon will be prolonged. Because the storm carries away the steam. Some are of the opinion that this cyclone will give momentum to the stalled monsoon.

Cyclone Named ‘Beeper Joy’

According to meteorologists, this cyclone will be named ‘Beeper Joy’. It has been suggested by Bangladesh and the final path of this cyclone has not been determined yet. It is predicted to move towards Omen and Yemen.

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