Kolhapur: Khidrapur sarpanch will protest if no case is filed against husband Kadam; Statement of the villager to the police leader

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Kurundwad; Leading News Service: In the monthly meeting of Khidrapur Gram Panchayat, without any authority, Sarpanch husband Kuldeep Kadam violated the Gram Panchayat Acts by taking the papers before the meeting and tearing them up. Government property has been damaged by tearing papers. Gram sevaks have recorded the same on the minutes of the monthly meeting. The letter pad bearing the image of Kopeshwar temple has been desecrated by tearing it. However, Ramgonda Patil, a villager of Khidrapur, has given a statement to the Kurundwad police station that a criminal case should be filed against the sarpanch’s husband, Kadam, otherwise a strong agitation will be launched.

The statement further said that the letter to be sent to the Archeology Department was being discussed during the monthly meeting of the Gram Panchayat. During the meeting, Sarpanch Pati Kadam entered the hall illegally and took away the letter and destroyed it. Some G.P. members asked for the answer to them and Kadam gave them a sarcastic answer.

The temple has been insulted by tearing letter pads bearing the signatures of Sarpanch and Gramsevak and having the image of Kopeshwar temple. Due to this, the religious sentiments of the villagers have been hurt. Government property has been damaged by tearing the government letter of Gram Panchayat. He has committed crimes including interfering in government work and creating obstruction. However, a criminal case should be registered against Kuldeep Kadam and action should be taken against him, otherwise he has warned to start a protest in front of the police station.

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