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Kolhapur; Poonam Deshmukh: Becoming a mother is a rebirth for a woman. Most women experience these symptoms during childbirth. Although there are many proofs of the progress of medical technology, even today, there are incidents that endanger the lives of mothers during childbirth. As many as 121 mothers have died during childbirth in the district in the last 4 years and it is a comforting thing that the maternal mortality rate has decreased by 5 percent this year compared to last year, according to the district health officer Dr. Given by Yogesh Sali. (National Safe Motherhood Day)

Maternal mortality rate is in rural as well as urban areas and according to the inspection of the health department, the causes of maternal mortality in rural and urban levels are different. Due to higher education and increasing age for marriage, urban girls face problems from pregnancy to delivery, while physical exertion, neglect of diet during pregnancy, short pregnancy intervals are creating risks for rural mothers during delivery.

Currently, maternal mortality rate has decreased as ninety percent of deliveries take place in hospitals. Also JSK, PMSY schemes are also helping to prevent maternal deaths. From the year 2017, a subsidy of Rs 55 crore 14 lakh 35 thousand has been given to 1 lakh 28 thousand 184 pregnant women in the district through Pradhan Mantri Matruvandana Yojana. Adequate iron, folic acid and calcium intake during pregnancy, sonography every three months, not neglecting bleeding during pregnancy, avoiding strenuous physical activities are necessary. At present, maternal death is caused by antepartum hypertension, excessive bleeding, germs and anemia. (National Safe Motherhood Day)

Implementation plan

Pradhan Mantri Sekre Matrutva Abhiyan is underway to provide financial assistance to financially disadvantaged, scheduled caste and tribe women after delivery, Janani Suraksha Yojana, Janani Shishu Suraksha Yojana, prenatal check-up, antenatal services, counselling, risk-based testing. Pradhan Mantri Matruvandana Yojana which provides financial assistance of Rs.5000 in three stages after delivery to every pregnant woman after registration.

Efforts to curb mothers’ affordability

Since 2005, 10th July is celebrated as Mother Safety Day. It has been implemented by the World Health Organization and efforts are being made to reduce the cost of maternal care and increase maternal mortality during the perinatal period. (National Safe Motherhood Day)

Maternal mortality in the district has been brought down from 34 percent to 29 percent during the year. Efforts are being made to reach every woman about the schemes implemented through the National Health System. Maternal mortality increases during delivery of attributable risk. Therefore, it is necessary for women to be vigilant about health and diet during pregnancy.
– Dr. Yogesh Sali,
District Health Officer

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