Parbhani : 5 thousand requested for sanctioned loan cheque leader

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Parbhani, Leading News Service : Sahitya Ratna Demokratiar Anna Bhau Sathe Vikas Corporation Manager, Clerk was detained for demanding a bribe of Rs 5,000 to issue a check for a sanctioned loan of Rs 1 lakh. The team of Parbhani anti-corruption department took this action on Wednesday (19). Action has been taken against District Manager Chandu Kishanrao Sathe and Clerk Avinash Prakash Muralkar.

An application was made for a loan of one lakh rupees from Sahitya Ratna Demokratar Anna Bhau Sathe Vikas Mahamandal Parbhani for mandap decoration business on behalf of the complainant. On July 13, the complainant and his mother-in-law met Chandu Sathe and requested him to hand over the loan cheque. The person concerned demanded five thousand rupees to give the cheque. Then met the complainant and his father-in-law Avinash Muralkar. He also demanded bribe saying that you have to pay to issue the loan sanction cheque. A complaint was lodged with the Parbhani Anti-Corruption Department.

When verified on Wednesday (19th), Chandu Sathe and Avinash Muralkar demanded ten thousand rupees. After compromise agreed to accept five thousand rupees. The bribe takers were detained while accepting the bribe before the Panchayat. This operation was done by the team of Deputy Superintendent of Police Ashok Ipar, Police Inspector Sadanand Waghmare, Chandrasekhar Nilpatrewar, Sima Chate, Atul Kadam, Kalyan Nagargoje.

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