Shocking! Students kicked out of school for fees on the first day leader

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Rajgurunagar : Leading News Service : A prominent school in Rajgurunagar has thrown out students from the classroom on their first day for non-payment of the current year’s academic fees and gave them a strange welcome. As soon as they got the information about the incident, MNS’s Sopan Dumbre and Nitin Tathe took an aggressive stance and opened the ears of the school management committee office bearers. Students were admitted after about an hour.

Due to this sensational incident which took place in English medium school KTES of Khed Taluka Education Society on Thursday (15th), along with the parent class, citizens of the city and various organizations have become aggressive. It has been demanded that the education department should take action protesting this action of the school. These are students from classes VIII to X. The student had not paid the education fee for the current year.

Students and parents were deeply hurt as the students who came to school with enthusiasm and happiness on the first day were thrown out of the classroom. As the first day of school, all schools welcome the students with bells and flowers. However, many people have expressed their displeasure due to this reception of the students of this school. Parents have reported that female students being expelled from the classroom, students having to sit in the open in the school verandah until their parents arrive is an incident affecting the mentality of the students.

Parents were repeatedly appealed to pay the fees for the previous as well as the current academic year. However, as no response was received, the students were asked to inform the selected parents. Students were stopped outside the classroom. This was said by the school committee. But no one came forward to give direct information.

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