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Bangalore; Leading News Service: Immediately deposit Rs 50 lakh in a Pakistan-based bank account, otherwise five judges of the Karnataka High Court, including the Chief Justice, will be killed by a gang in Dubai.

High Court Public Relations Officer Muralidhar received a message from an unknown number on his mobile phone. At the same time, a threat was also given on WhatsApp. This has created a stir. A case has been registered in the Central Police Station in this regard.
50 lakhs should be deposited in the account of Allied Bank Limited in Pakistan. Otherwise, the Chief Justice of the High Court, Muhammad Nawaz, Justice. H. T. Narendra Prasad, Justice Ashok G. On census, judge. H. P. Message, Mr. K. Natarajan and Nya. Veerappanwar was threatened to kill him.

The threat message is in Hindi, Urdu and English languages. He has given the account number of Allied Bank in Pakistan.
Last week, Bangalore police arrested five suspected terrorists and uncovered a plot to detonate explosives in the sensitive cities of Bangalore, Hubli, Udpi, Shimoga, Mangalore, Gulbarga. It is also suspected that the five suspected terrorists have links with Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba. Meanwhile, the police system has become alert as the Chief Justice himself has been threatened.

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